Nexsys Platform

Nexsys is a vendor management and messaging platform developed by Title Source. It’s an effective means for a lender to manage orders, service allocations and vendor performance. Nexsys is about results and the ease of obtaining them.

Why Choose Nexsys?

When you choose Nexsys, you also receive a comprehensive analytics and reporting package. Our flexible business intelligence platform is accessible anywhere through a secured portal. Whether you’re off-site or at the office, your reports are automatically formatted for your desktop, email or mobile device. Our interactive tools will schedule an automated delivery-to-distribution list, so you don’t have to; it’s simply easier to use, fully customizable and a better way to get things done.

What Separates Us From The Competition?

We began with the end in mind. Nexsys is about results and the ease of obtaining them. We designed it to be white labeled, or branded as your own, which will help make the integration of our platform seamless for you and your team. How seamless? Like importing contacts from your phone to another account. Our integration is that seamless.